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kunming donghao titanium co., Ltd.  established in July 2016, is located in Yunnan Province, which has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. As an enterprise producing titanium dioxide rutile by soleplate process, it is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. Its manufacturing base is built in Kunming Titanium Salt Industrial Park in Fumin County, covering an area of more than 300 mu, with a registered capital of RMB 100 million, a total investment amount of approximately RMB 400 million and an annual productivity of 50 kilotons titanium dioxide rutile. At present, the Company has 515 employees, including 25 senior and intermediate engineers and 112 employees with college degree or above. The Company has passed the certification of "Yunnan Enterprise Technology Center" and "High-tech Enterprise" in Yunnan Province, which indicates that the enterprise's technology and R&D capability have reached a new level.


300 Mu

area covered

50000 ton



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We are a modern company integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia and other regions and countries

R-251 DR-2588 DR-2589

Rutile titanium dioxide R-251

R-251 is a multi-purpose rutile titanium dioxide pigment designed for coatings, paints, plastics and other applications. It has the properties of blue undertone, excellent dispersion, excellent hiding power and high gloss. The excellent particle size control technology, surface treatment technology and impurity content control technology ensure the excellent pigment performance of the product and good performance in various application systems.

International standard ISO 591 classification:R2 ASTM D476 classification:Ⅴ application area

Paint, paint, plastic, color paste, color······


Rutile titanium dioxide DR-2588

DR-2588 is rutile titanium dioxide pigment specially designed for plastic applications. It has super blue undertone, outstanding tinting strength and excellent hiding power. Its special surface treatment ensures the product's extremely low moisture absorption, ultra-low volatile during high temperature, ultra-low oil absorption, excellent dispersion in plastics and processiblity.
International standard ISO 591 classification:R1 ASTM D476 classification application area

Widely used in polyolefin Color Masterbatch, especially high concentration color masterbatch; Ultra thin film, casting film, engineering plastics, all kinds of plastics with high requirements for dispersion and volatile matter.


Rutile titanium dioxide DR-2589

DR-2589 is a specially designed plastic Rutile grade with good durability. DR-2589 specialties are super bluish undertone, outstanding lightness in coloring and excellent opacity. The special inorganic treatment of dense amorphous silica and alumina protect the surface of TiO2 from acting with polymers or additives. The organic surface treatment ensures DR-2589 outstanding dispersion, processibility and low hygroscopicity in plastics production. The new treatment technology of DR-2589 can effectively improve the heat resistance, light fastness and weathering of plastics and keep them free from UV lights. So DR-2589 is enabling to improve the plastics mechanical property and also the insulation when used in cable.

International standard ISO 591 classification:R2 ASTM D476 classification:Ⅶ application area
It has the advantages of super blue background phase, high achromatic power, excellent dispersion, outstanding covering ability in high weather resistant products at the same level, excellent processing fluidity, low high-temperature volatile, excellent heat stability, ultra-high weather resistance and excellent pulverization resistance······